Handmade in the USA

The Original Leather Sunglass Strap

Growing up in Connecticut summers were spent swimming in the Long Island Sound, hiking the Westwoods Trails and fishing out of Beebe Marina. There was nothing better than throwing on some shades and heading out into a hot summer's day.

One summer I found myself looking for a higher quality, more durable sunglass strap. With frayed "Croakies" in hand, and unable to find a suitable alternative, I set out to create my own. The concept seemed simple, why not a leather sunglass strap?

Through the mentorship of Frank Clegg I began learning the leather craft. Countless nights and weekends were spent in Frank's shop working on the first leather sunglass strap.

Now over 10 years later we remain committed to manufacturing the finest sunglass straps in the world. Sounders are made to last, and enjoyed by men and women in New England and beyond.

We hope you'll take pride in wearing The Original Leather Sunglass Strap.

- Chris

We take pride in crafting goods to support life's adventures. Timeless style combined with American made quality are what make our goods Sounder.