Don't call 'em Croakies (R)

These ain't no Croakies (R)...

So what makes Sounders sunglass straps different? First off, they're made from sumptuous, full-grain, ultra soft leather. They're naturally breathable and wildly durable. Our patent-pending rubber fittings attach securely to the very ends of the sunglass arms, allowing for a more comfortable, ergonomic fit. Sounders sunglass straps fit wayfarers, aviators and most other models in between.

They're also made by hand right here in the USA. And we back them with lifetime recrafting and a satisfaction guarantee.

We hope you'll give a pair of Sounders sunglass straps a try. We'd love for you to join our community of active individuals who value the high quality, functional goods we take great pride in crafting.

Chris Necklas, Founder & Craftsman - Sounder Goods

A little history lesson for extra credit...

Croakies (R) were originally developed in 1977 by a local ski patrolman in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Although many people now refer to all sunglass straps as "Croakies", Croakies (R) is a trademark of the Croakies (R) company.