Fall Stripers Blitz

Guest Post - Scott Caras, Co-Founder of Cheeky Fishing
The fall blitz is upon us as the stripers fatten up for their fall migration. That means birds, bait, and busting bull stripers all over Boston harbor. Unfortunately for me, I have to go to a wedding in NJ this weekend and the marina closes on 10/15, so my window to get into these beasts is pretty small. I really have time for only one big trip before I have to pull out the boat for the season, and I’m planning to hammer the harbor hard on the morning of 10/10 (Saturday of Columbus Day weekend).
Boat will be leaving the dock at 6:00am and returning around noon.  If the guys I'm going with want to stay out there longer, I’m game for that as well. We'll want at least 6 hours out there so we can really cover some water to find the birds and bait.
October stripers make memories that last a lifetime (see below).